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Perfect Saxophone Repair is dedicated to offer you the best saxophone repair service in Arizona.

Our technician, Chris Benavidez, has tons of experience. He's been working on saxophones for over 10 years.

Chris plays the saxophone and has a Degree in Music from Northern Arizona University.

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Our technician is a professional saxophonist. He knows when there's something wrong with the sax, how to find the problem, and the right way to fix it.

We have all the proper tools, cork supplies, springs, pads, regulation tools, leak-lights, shelack...everything to fix your saxophone the right way.

We have all the proper tools and experience for re-soldering un-stuck posts and broken parts.

We have all the proper tools and experience to handle most small and medium sized dents.

We have all the proper tools and experience to re-round and lap (air tight seal) saxophone neck joints/receiver (The part where the neck attaches to the body of the horn.).

We carry and have extensive experience replacing saxophone needle springs and palm key/octave key flat springs.

We have experience with almost every major brand: Selmer, Yamaha, Keilwerth, Yanagisawa, Bundy, Vito, etc.

Most general (tune-up) repairs range between $75 and $275 depending on the severity of your individual case.

Overhaul prices range from $650 up to $1250 depending on the size, age, type of sax, and the type of pads you choose to have installed on your instrument.

If you're looking for special pads for your saxophone over-haul, Yes, we have experience with all of them. Our supplier is extremely fast and they have several different kinds and types of pads including your Standard Tan Pads, Soft-Feel Tan Pads (Soft Feel so they seal around the tone hole better), Kangaroo Skin Pads White, Kangaroo Skin Pads Brown (Chocolate), Saxgourmet Kangaroo Skin Pads Black, "Extreme" Kangaroo Pads (Extreme because they are Extremely Air Tight, Extremely Water Resistant, Extreme Long Life), and the fabled Jim Schmidt Gold Pads (Yes, they are made with gold embedded on the surface - Gold Pads are expensive and require extensive labor to install. There is an additional labor charge for Gold Pads).

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